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Copenhagen, Denmark



Pronounced Co-pen-HAY-gen, the capital of Denmark and home of Hans Christian Anderson is the embarkation point for many Baltic cruises.

Where You're Docked

Most ships dock at Langelinie Pier (c190-c199) or Freeport Terminal. Freeport has multiple piers - Orientkaj (c252, c254), Levantkaj (c266), and Oceankaj (c330-c334). Oceankaj pier has been added for cruise ship use and is quite a bit further from the other piers so you may want to take a taxi if berthed here. Langeline and Orientkaj piers are both 10-15 minute walks from S-Tog commuter train stations. Check the google map below for the walking route from Nordhavn station to Freeport. As of May 13 2013, the main vehicle gate for Freeport has moved further north. The pedestrian/cyclist gate across from the railway underpass should remain open as a shortcut between the port and Nordhavn S-Tog station.

Freeport - Orientkaj Piers (c252, c254)

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Freeport - Oceankaj Pier (c330-c334)

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Langelinge Pier (c190-c199)

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Money & Tipping

Denmark's currency is the Danish Krone (DKK). Credit cards are accepted at a lot of places but most self-serve terminals require chip and pin cards. Ask before trying to use a magnetic swipe card. In Europe, it is common to leave a small tip (5-10%) when dining at restaurants. Taxi drivers do not expect to be tipped though it is common to round up to the nearest 10 DKK.

Local Transportation

Copenhagen's transit system consists of both a S-Tog (commuter rail) and a metro network. Single trip transit tickets are 24 DKK (Jan 2014), good for 1 hour, two zones and valid for transfers between bus, S-Tog or metro. If staying for a couple days, get a ten-trip klippekort for 150 DKK or a Copenhagen card. Tickets have to be validated at machines in the stations. If going more than a couple of stops, you will need to pay more since pricing is based on zones. You can punch the klippekort for multi zones or multiple people.

Use Nordhavn S-Tog station for Freeport Terminal and Osterport for Langelinie Pier. Bus 26 from Central Railway Station goes to both Langeline and Freeport. The route has a stop at Oceankaj and has hourly service on weekdays but has no service on weekends.

City Sightseeing and Open Top Tours both run hop on, hop off (HOHO) buses for 185 DKK and 195 DKK. http://www.city-sightseeing.com/tours/denmark/copenhagen.htm or http://www.stromma.dk/en/SIGHTSEEING-TOURS/Hop-on-Hop-off-Bus/

Getting to/from the Airport

Copenhagen Airport (CPH) is accessible from Central Station on the regular rail network or the metro from Kongens Nytorv. You will need a three zone ticket for either service (36 DKK, Jan 2014). A taxi should cost approx 220 DKK to Town Hall. See the Copenhagen airport link here http://www.cph.dk/en/parking-transport/Bus-train-and-metro/


Any hotel in the city center is a good choice location-wise. Being close to Central or other S-Tog stations will be convenient if taking the train to Freeport Terminal. Search hotels in Copenhagen here

Must See Sights

  • Little Mermaid - located down the promenade from Langelinie Pier, this statue is the symbol of Copenhagen.
  • Nynhavn - This old port area is now filled with restaurants on the sunny south-facing side. Take a canal tour from here. There are multiple companies operating tours so shop around for the best deal. The first company you see will probably be the most expensive. To save money and enjoy the area like a local, buy beers at a store and take a seat along the canal. Located at the eastern end of Stroget.
  • Tivoli Garden - This small amusement park with gardens, restaurants and rides was Walt Disney's inspiration for Disneyland. Entry 99 DKK (Jan 2014). Opens at 11am. Beside Central Station with the main entrance on the north side of the park. http://www.tivoli.dk/
  • Vor Frelsers Kirke (Our Saviour Church) - If you don't mind stairs, you can climb up to the main spire of this church from the OUTSIDE. Tower opens 10am Mon-Sat, 10:30 Sunday, 40 DKK (Jan 2014 - closed until Mar 2014) Metro Christianshavn http://www.vorfrelserskirke.dk/
  • Christiania - this hippie squatters village on a former military site is a tourist attraction if you don't mind the smell of hash and marijuana. Down the road from Our Saviour Church.
  • Amalienborg Palace - this is one of several palaces around Copenhagen. The Marble Church is nearby. It's a short walk north along the waterfront from Nyhavn. Other palaces include Rosenborg with a large garden and Christiansborg.
  • Glyptoteket Art Museum - has a collection of many masterpieces. Free on Sundays (free guided tours as well) and 75 DKK/€11(Jan 2014) Tue-Sat. Hours 11am to 5pm, closed Mondays. Located beside the southeast corner of Tivoli Gardens. http://www.glyptoteket.dk/
  • Danish National Museum (east of City Hall) and National Gallery (north of Rosenborg Castle) - both are free and closed Mondays. http://natmus.dk/ http://www.smk.dk/en/

If you are planning to visit a lot of sights, consider buying a Copenhagen card which includes admission to many attractions and a public transport pass. The card can be purcased from the post office in Central Station or from the tourist office opposite the main entrance to Tivoli Garden. http://www.copenhagencard.com/

Shopping & Restaurants

Stroget is a long pedestrian street winding its way from City Hall (check out the Hans Christian Anderson Statue beside it) to Nyhavn. It also branches north to Norreport. Torvehallernekbh, an upscale covered market, opened in 2011 by Norreport Metro.

Visit the Carlsberg Brewery Museum for a tour and a beer (Enghave Station - walk through the large brewery complex).

Try a delicious pastry from LagKagehuset (various locations, including Stroget, west of the Tivoli entrance, and across from Christianhavn metro).

There is an Aldi discount supermarket beside Nordhavn station if you are on your way to Freeport Terminal. There is an Irma supermarket by Norreport station and another one beside the main entrance to Tivoli Garden. A block north of Central Station is Rema 1000 at Hammerichsgade 1.

Fisketorvet mall is south of the city center. Take the S-Tog to Dybbolsbro station.

Post Office

There is a post office inside Central Station.

Been Here Before

Take at train across the bridge to Malmo, Sweden.

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Climate and weather http://www.visitcopenhagen.com/copenhagen/weather

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